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Articles (20.12.22): K. Hoekstra and L. Iori, ‘Thomas Hobbes’s Translation of “The Plague of Athens” (Thuc. 2.47.2–54): A First Critical Edition’

Reviews (08.02.23):
• G. A. Nelsestuen on J. A. Lobur, Cornelius Nepos: A Study in the Evidence and Influence
• F. Pownall on P. Harding, ed. and trans., Diodoros of Sicily: Bibliotheke Historike, Volume I, Books 14–15: The Greek World in the Fourth Century BC from the End of the Peloponnesian War to the Death of Artaxerxes II (Mnemon)
• A. J. Ross on J. W. Drijvers, The Forgotten Reign of the Emperor Jovian (363–364): History and Fiction

Review–Discussions (28.11.22): M. Cristini on M. Meier and F. Montinaro, edd., A Companion to Procopius of Caesarea

Supplements (22.02.22): SV 14: Ivan Matijašić, ed., Herodotus—The Most Homeric Historian?

News & Events: Historiography and Life Writing in the Late Antique World: Call for Papers


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