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Articles (09.08.23): I. Matijašić, ‘Enoch Powell’s The History of Herodotus and Three Letters from Felix Jacoby: A Rude Preface, Nazi Germany, and Antisemitism’

Reviews (17.09.23): S. Perea-Yébenes on Christophe Burgeon, La Vie d’Auguste de Nicolas de Damas

Review–Discussions (17.08.23):
• R. Nicolai on S. Brennan, Xenophon’s Anabasis: A Socratic History
• M. Simonton on N. Marinatos and R. K. Pitt, edd., Thucydides the Athenian

Supplements (13.09.23): SV 09: M. Meier, ‘Felix Dahn and Jacob Haury: The Foundations of Procopius Research in the German Language’, in G. Greatrex, ed., Work on Procopius outside the English-speaking World: A Survey (2019 [2023]) 2.1–34

News & Events: Book Launch for The Collected Papers of J. L. Moles. Edited by John Marincola


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