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• (14.04.23): E. O’Gorman, 'Embedded Speech and the Embodied Speaker in Roman Historiography'
• (19.04.23): C. B. Krebs, ‘”It’s Caesar [Kaiser/Tsar], Not Mr. King.” (Mis)understanding a Caesarian Pun (Suet. Iul. 79.2) and Its Ironies’

Reviews (02.05.23):
N. Bianchi on H. Schmedt, ed., Antonius Diogenes: Die unglaublichen Dinge jenseits von Thule
N. Williams on D. B. Campbell, Deploying a Roman Army: The Ektaxis kat’Alanōn of Arrian

• (16.04.23): A. Free on O. Devillers and B. B. Sebastiani, edd., Sources et modèles des historiens anciens, 2
• (19.04.23): M. McOsker on P. Zaccaria, ed., Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker Continued. Part Four: Biography and Antiquarian Literature. IV A: Biography, Fascicle 5: The First Century BC and Hellenistic Authors of Uncertain Date

Supplements (28.04.23): SV 15: Andrew G. Scott, ed., Studies in Contemporary Historiography

News & Events: The Language of Autocracy: Ancient and Modern. 9-10 June 2023


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