HISTOS 17 (2023)





ELLEN O’GORMAN, Embedded Speech and the Embodied Speaker in Roman Historiography, April 2023


CHRISTOPHER B. KREBS, ‘It’s Caesar [Kaiser/Tsar], Not Mr. King.’ (Mis)understanding a Caesarian Pun (Suet. Iul. 79.2) and Its Ironies, April 2023


ASKE DAMTOFT POULSEN, Conflicting Reports? Augustus’ Relationship with the Senate and Established Order During His Road to Power in Res Gestae, Velleius Paterculus, Suetonius, and Tacitus, June 2023


JACK W. G. SCHROPP, Was There Dual Authorship in Greek Historiography? A Critical Overview of the Epigraphic and Literary Evidence from Aristotle to Pamphile of Epidaurus, July 2023


IVAN MATIJAŠIĆ, Enoch Powell’s The History of Herodotus and Three Letters from Felix Jacoby: A Rude Preface, Nazi Germany, and Antisemitism, August 2023


VASILEIOS LIOTSAKIS, The Multifunctionality of Source Citations and Indirect Speech in Arrian’s Anabasis of Alexander, December 2023


ROBERT PARKER, The Historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus and the Gods, December 2023


A. J. WOODMAN, Quintilian on Sallust and Livy, December 2023


LUCA BELTRAMINI, Le conseguenze della vittoria. Scipione e la riflessione sull’imperialismo romano in Livio, December 2023


GABRIELE BRUSA, Diverging Traditions on Marcellus’ Sicilian Campaign (214–211 BC): Livy, Cicero, Plutarch, and Appian on Marcellus’ Fides and Humanity, December 2023


MATTEO BARBATO, Political Conflict in Diodorus Siculus: The Χαριέστατοι and the Historian’s Moral Agenda, December 2023





ALEXANDER FREE, Essays on the Sources and Models of Ancient Historians (on O. Devillers and B. B. Sebastiani, edd., Sources et modèles des historiens anciens, 2), April 2023


MICHAEL MCOSKER, Fragments of Late Hellenistic Biography (on P. Zaccaria, ed., Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker Continued. Part Four: Biography and Antiquarian Literature. IV A: Biography, Fascicle 5: The First Century BC and Hellenistic Authors of Uncertain Date), April 2023


D. GRAHAM J. SHIPLEY, Rules of Engagement with Greek Geographical Writing (on S. Brillante, Il Periplo di Pseudo-Scilace: l’oggettività del potere), July 2023


RONALD T. RIDLEY, Essays on Livy’s Two Millennia (on G. Baldo and L. Beltramini, edd., Livius noster: Tito Livio e la sua eredità), July 2023


DARÍO N. SÁNCHEZ VENDRAMINI, Ammianus: Soldier or Author? (on M. Hanaghan and D. Woods, edd., Ammianus Marcellinus from Soldier to Author), August 2023


MICHAEL EDWARD STEWART, Malalas as Historian of His Times (on O. Gengler and M. Meier, edd., Johannes Malalas: Der Chronist als Zeithistoriker), August 2023


ROBERTO NICOLAI, L’Anabasi di Senofonte da una prospettiva Socratica (on S. Brennan, Xenophon’s Anabasis: A Socratic History), August 2023


MATT SIMONTON, An Ancient Greek Historian and His City (on N. Marinatos and R. K. Pitt, edd., Thucydides the Athenian), August 2023


KONSTANTIN V. MARKOV, A Way to Read Herodian: Narrative Patterns and their Function in History of the Empire (on C. S. Chrysanthou, Reconfiguring the Imperial Past: Narrative Patterns and Historical Interpretation in Herodian’s History of the Empire), October 2023


DONALD LATEINER, What Kind of History is ‘Intentional’ History? (on H.-J. Gehrke, The Greeks and Their Histories: Myth, History, and Society, translated by R. Geuss), December 2023


JOHN A. LOBUR, A New Commentary on Nepos (on F. Ginelli, Cornelius Nepos: The Commanders of the Fifth Century BCE. Introduction, Text, and Commentary), December 2023


CHRISTOPHER B. KREBS, Sallust and Intellectual Innovation (on E. H. Shaw, Sallust and the Fall of the Roman Republic: Historiography and Intellectual Life at Rome), December 2023


PAULA DEBNAR, A New Thucydides Companion (on P. A. Low, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Thucydides), December 2023


DIMITRIS KRALLIS, A New Look at Zonaras (on T. Kampianaki, John Zonaras’ Epitome of Histories: A Compendium of Jewish-Roman History and Its Reception), December 2023


LUCA BELTRAMINI, Sallustio e Livio di fronte alla decadenza di Roma (on G. Vassiliades, La res publica et sa décadence. De Salluste à Tite-Live), December 2023





OLIVIA ELDER, E Pluribus Unum? Italians and Rome from Late Republic to Augustus (on M. Aberson et al., Nos Sumus Romani Qui Fuimus Ante …: Memories of Ancient Italy), January 2023


GRANT A. NELSESTUEN, A New Look at Nepos (on J. A. Lobur, Cornelius Nepos: A Study in the Evidence and Influence), February 2023


FRANCES POWNALL, Diodorus on the Fourth Century: The Alternative Version (on P. Harding, ed. and trans., Diodoros of Sicily: Bibliotheke Historike, Volume I, Books 14–15: The Greek World in the Fourth Century BC from the End of the Peloponnesian War to the Death of Artaxerxes II (Mnemon)), February 2023


ALAN J. ROSS, Jovian Reconsidered (on J. W. Drijvers, The Forgotten Reign of the Emperor Jovian (363–364): History and Fiction), February 2023


NICOLA BARBAGLI, Un commento ai frammenti della storia di Nicola di Damasco (on T. Shahin, Fragmente eines Lebenswerks: Historischer Kommentar zur Universalgeschichte des Nikolaos von Damaskus), March 2023


MARION KRUSE, Menandros Protector and the End of Classical Historiography (on B. Bleckmann, Die letzte Generation der griechischen Geschichtsschreiber: Studien zur Historiographie im ausgehenden 6. Jahrhundert), March 2023


LAURENS VAN DER WIEL, What Plutarch Didn’t Say (on J. Beneker et al., edd., Plutarch’s Unexpected Silences: Suppression and Selection in the Lives and Moralia), March 2023


NILS STEFFENSEN, Neue Details zu Ab Urbe Condita als historischer Konstruktion (on A. Roncaglia, ed., Livio ad urbem condendam: riletture del passato in età augustea), April 2023


EDITH PARMENTIER, Herod through the Eyes of Nicolaus (on K. Czajkowski and B. Eckhardt, Herod in History: Nicolaus of Damascus and the Augustan Context), April 2023


BEATRICE POLETTI, Augustus and the Myth of Romulus (on A. Castiello, Augusto il fondatore: la rinascita di Roma e il mito romuleo), April 2023


NUNZIO BIANCHI, A New Edition of the Wonders Beyond Thule (on H. Schmedt, ed., Antonius Diogenes: Die unglaublichen Dinge jenseits von Thule), May 2023


NADYA WILLIAMS, The Roman Army at War in the Second Century CE (on D. B. Campbell, Deploying a Roman Army: The Ektaxis kat’Alanōn of Arrian), May 2023


NAOÍSE MAC SWEENEY, Herodotus on Persian and Egyptian Religion (on A. Schwab, Fremde Religion in Herodots Historien. Religiöse Mehrdimensionalität bei Persern und Ägyptern), July 2023


URSULA WESTWOOD, Zeitsgechichte Through the Ages (on V. Fromentin, ed., Écrire l’histoire de son temps, de Thucydide à Ammien Marcellin), July 2023


JAAKKOJUHANI PELTONEN, The Worldwide Reception of Alexander (on R. Stoneman, ed., A History of Alexander the Great in World Culture), August 2023


INGER N. I. KUIN, Plutarch and Cultural Connectivity (on C. Giroux, ed., Plutarch: Cultural Practice in a Connected World), August 2023


SHANE WALLACE, A New Reading of Roman Alexander Narratives (on J. Finn, Contested Pasts: A Determinist History of Alexander the Great in the Roman Empire), September 2023


SABINO PEREA-YÉBENES, A New Study of The Life Of Augustus of Nicolaus of Damascus (on C. Burgeon, La Vie d’Auguste de Nicolas de Damas), September 2023


ANDRZEJ DUDZIŃSKI, A Commentary on Diodorus and the Diadochi (on A. Meeus, The History of the Diadochoi in Book XIX of Diodoros’ Bibliothēkē: A Historical and Historiographical Commentary), November 2023


HEIKO WESTPHAL, New Ways of Reading Valerius Maximus (on J. Murray and D. Wardle, edd., Reading by Example: Valerius Maximus and the Historiography of Exempla), November 2023


JANET DOWNIE, A Guide to Periēgēsis-Literature (on E. Falaschi, Περιηγηταί nel mondo antico: Usi e interpretazioni del termine in una prospettiva cronologica), December 2023


ROSALIND THOMAS, Essays on Herodotus and Ethnicity (on T. Figueira and C. Soares, edd., Ethnicity and Identity in Herodotus), December 2023


ERICA BUCHBERGER, Essays on Historiography in Late Antique Iberia (on P. U. Rabaneda, ed., Writing History in Late Antique Iberia: Historiography in Theory and Practice from the 4th to the 7th Century), December 2023


AYELET HAIMSON LUSHKOV, A New Commentary on Livy 26 (on L. Beltramini, ed., Commento al libro XXVI di Tito Livio), December 2023


KATHRYN H. STUTZ, Threading the Needle of Lucian’s True History (on D. Clay and J. H. Brusuelas, Lucian, True History: Introduction, Text, Translation, and Commentary), December 2023


KARL DAHM, The Shadow of the Giant: Readers of Eusebius (on M. Hollerich, Making Christian History: Eusebius of Caesarea and His Readers), December 2023




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