HISTOS 9 (2015)





J. E. LENDON, Julius Caesar, Thinking About Battle and Foreign Relations, February 2015


SCOTT FARRINGTON, A Likely Story: Rhetoric and the Determination of Truth in Polybius' Histories, February 2015


ANNALISA PARADISO, A New Fragment for Nicolaus of Damascus? A Note on Suda α 1272, February 2015


ANNIKA DOMAINKO, The Conception of History in Velleius Paterculus' Historia Romana, March 2015


ANNALISA PARADISO, Sadyattes and His Niece: a Note on Suda α 1423 and α 441, March 2015


BRAM FAUCONNIER, Ex Occidente imperium. Alexander the Great and the Mauryan Empire, April 2015


MATTEO ZACCARINI, The Return of Theseus to Athens: A Case Study in Layered Tradition and Reception, June 2015


MASSIMILIANO VITIELLO, Maximinus Thrax, General of Severus Alexander or Victor over the Persians? Some Considerations Concerning the Sources of Quintus Aurelius Symmachus' Roman History, June 2015


EDWARD CHAMPLIN, Mallonia, August 2015


DAVID BRANSCOME, Waiting for Solon: Audience Expectations in Herodotus, November 2015


JACKIE ELLIOTT, The Epic Vantage-Point: Roman Historiographical Allusion Reconsidered, December 2015


A. J. WOODMAN, Professor J. L. Moles, December 2015





JESSICA H. CLARK, Ennius and the Architecture of the Annales (on J. Elliott, Ennius and the Architecture of the Annales), February 2015


PETER VAN NUFFELEN, Greek Secular Historians in Late Antiquity (on B. Bleckmann and T. Stickler, edd., Griechische Profanhistoriker des fünften nachchristlichen Jahrhunderts), April 2015


CHRISTOPHER SMITH, Performance, Communication, and Gods in Republican Rome (on T. Luke, Ushering in a New Republic: Theologies of Arrival at Rome in the First Century BCE), May 2015


MARTINE CHASSIGNET, Une nouvelle édition des fragments des historiens romains (on T. J. Cornell, ed., The Fragments of the Roman Historians), May 2015


PIETRO MARIA LIUZZO, Generazioni in Erodoto (on J. Brehm, Generationenbeziehungen in den Historien Herodots), July 2015


JONAS GRETHLEIN, The Emergence of 'Great Man Theory' in Classical Greece? (on S. Brown Ferrario, Historical Agency and the 'Great Man' in Classical Greece), July 2015


JEREMY PATERSON, Responses to Roman Power in Luke-Acts (on J. Yoder, Representatives of Roman Rule: Roman Provincial Governors in Luke-Acts), September 2015


JAMES H. RICHARDSON, Tales of Rivalry in Rome (on J. Neel, Legendary Rivals: Collegiality and Ambition in the Tales of Early Rome), September 2015


TREVOR LUKE, Nepos as a Political Biographer (on R. Stem, The Political Biographies of Cornelius Nepos), October 2015


DETLEV DORMEYER, Narratologie, Historiographie und das Neue Testament (on S. Luther, J. Röder and E. D. Schmidt, edd., Wie Geschichten Geschichte schreiben. Frühchristliche Literatur zwischen Faktualität und Fiktionalität), November 2015


ALDO CORCELLA, Le fonti di Erodoto, quarant'anni dopo (on B. Dunsch and K. Ruffing, edd., with K. Droß-Krüpe, Herodots Quellen—Die Quellen Herodots), November 2015





EMMA NICHOLSON, A New Edited Volume on Polybius (on V. Grieb and C. Koehn, edd., Polybios und seine Historien), February 2015


JEAN-MICHEL HULLS, Hannibal in Flavian Rome (on C. Stocks, The Roman Hannibal. Remembering the Enemy in Silius Italicus’ Punica), March 2015


LIVIA CAPPONI, Josephus in Rome (on W. den Hollander, Josephus, the Emperors, and the City of Rome), March 2015


CHRISTOPHER BARON, Motives in Herodotus (on S. Froehlich, Handlungsmotive bei Herodot), March 2015


ANTONY J. S. SPAWFORTH, Alexander Enlightened (on P. Briant, Alexandre des Lumières. Fragments d’histoire européenne), March 2015


LINDA WIMMER, The Fate of the Dead in The Passion of Perpetua (on E. Gonzalez, The Fate of the Dead in Early Third Century North African Christianity: The Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas and Tertullian), March 2015


MYLES LAVAN, The New Green-and-Yellow of Agricola (on A. J. Woodman, ed., with Christina S. Kraus, Tacitus: Agricola), March 2015


CHRISTOPHER WHITTON, Senatorial Identity in Tacitus and Pliny (on J. M. Geisthardt, Zwischen Princeps und Res Publica. Tacitus, Plinius und die senatorische Selbstdarstellung in der Hohen Kaiserzeit), March 2015


JAMES M. MORGAN, Interrupted Speech in Luke-Acts (on D. Lynwood Smith, The Rhetoric of Interruption: Speech-Making, Turn-Taking and Rule-Breaking in Luke-Acts and Ancient Greek Narrative), March 2015


ADRIAN TRONSON, Honouring Ernst Badian (on C. G. Thomas, ed., The Legacy of Ernst Badian), April 2015


RICHARD FLOWER, Reviewing The Last Pagans of Rome (on R. Lizzi Testa, ed., The Strange Death of Pagan Rome), April 2015


SHAUN TOUGHER, Situating Byzantium (on A. Cameron, Byzantine Matters), April 2015


ADAM KEMEZIS, Greeks, Romans, and Politics in Imperial Literature: Eleven Essays (on J. M. Madsen and R. Rees, edd., Roman Rule in Greek and Latin Writing: Double Vision), May 2015


JOHANNES ENGELS, Ethnography and its Boundaries (on E. Almagor and J. Skinner, edd., Ancient Ethnography: New Approaches), May 2015


ULRICH LAMBRECHT, Ein neues Buch über die Chronica Urbis Romae (on R. W. Burgess, Roman Imperial Chronology and Early-Fourth-Century Historiography. The Regnal Durations of the So-called Chronica urbis Romae of the Chronograph of 354), June 2015


JOSIAH OSGOOD, The New Belles Lettres of Cassius Dio XLVII (on V. Fromentin and E. Bertrand, edd., Dion Cassius, Histoire romaine. Livre XLVII), June 2015


TOM HAWKINS, Aelian: Menagerie and Variation (on S. D. Smith, Man and Animal in Severan Rome: The Literary Imagination of Claudius Aelianus), July 2015


MICHAEL WHITBY, A Revised Edition of Dewing's Prokopios (on H. B. Dewing and A. Kaldellis (trans., rev.), Prokopios: The Wars of Justinian (revised and modernised, with an introduction and notes by A. Kaldellis)), July 2015


CHRISTOPHER TUPLIN, Traditions on the Background of the War of Corinth (on M. Valente, I prodromi della guerra di Corinto nelle testimonianze delle Elleniche di Ossirinco e delle Elleniche di Senofonte), August 2015


CATHERINE RUBINCAM, The New Budé Edition of Diodorus XXVII-XXXII (on P. Goukowsky, ed., Diodore de Sicile. Bibliothèque historique. Fragments, Tome III: Livres XXVII–XXXII), September 2015


NICOLA BIFFI, Strabone e l'Africa (on Strabon, Géographie. Livre XVII, 2e partie: L’Afrique de l’Atlantique au golfe de Soloum. Texte établi et traduit par B. Laudenbach, commenté par J. Desanges), September 2015


CHRISTA GRAY, Philology and Martyrdom: A New Edition of Martyrium Polycarpi and Martyrium Pionii (on O. Zwierlein, ed., Die Urfassungen der Martyria Polycarpi et Pionii und das Corpus Polycarpianum. Band 1: Editiones criticae. Band 2: Textgeschichte und Rekonstruktion. Polykarp, Ignatius und der Redaktor Ps.-Pionius), September 2015


FILIPPOMARIA PONTANI, Between Philology and Theory: New Work on Authorship in Middle Byzantine Literature (on A. Pizzone, ed., The Author in Middle Byzantine Literature. Modes, Functions, and Identities), September 2015


LUCIO TROIANI, Giuseppe e il primo secolo (on D. R. Schwartz, Reading the First Century. On Reading Josephus and Studying Jewish History of the First Century), September 2015


SABINE MÜLLER, Arrian zwischen Historiographie und Philosophie (on B. Burliga, Arrian's Anabasis: An Intellectual and Cultural Story), October 2015


DAVID ENGELS, Antike Debatte über die römische Talassokratie (on M. Ladewig, Rom—Die antike Seerepublik. Untersuchungen zur Thalassokratie der res publica populi Romani von den Anfängen bis zur Begründung des Principat), November 2015


ALESSANDRO BARCHIESI, Memory in the Aeneid (on A. M. Seider, Memory in Virgil's Aeneid: Creating the Past), November 2015


FRANÇOIS PASCHOUD, Historiographie et transmission des savoirs dans l'Antiquité tardive (on P. Blaudeau and P. Van Nuffelen, edd., L'historiographie tardo-antique et la transmission des savoirs), November 2015


ERICH MERKEL, A Lifetime's Work on Tacitus (on W. Suerbaum, Skepsis und Suggestion: Tacitus als Historiker und als Literat), November 2015



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