HISTOS 7 (2013)









CHRISTOPHER PELLING, Intertextuality, Plausibility, and Interpretation, March 2013


AYELET HAIMSON LUSHKOV, Citation and the Dynamics of Tradition in Livy's AUC, March 2013


MASSIMILIANO DI FAZIO, Callimachus and the Etruscans: Human Sacrifice between Myth, History, and Historiography, April 2013


ANDRZEJ DUDZINSKI, The Bull of Phalaris and the Historical Method of Diodorus of Sicily, August 2013


SARAH CHRISTINE TEETS, Charizomenos Hērōdēi: Josephus' Nicolaus of Damascus in the Judaean Antiquities, August 2013


RONALD SYME, Tacite et Proust, edited by Federico Santangelo, September 2013


DAVID ROHRBACHER,   The Sources of the Historia Augusta Re-examined, September 2013


TROELS ENGBERG-PEDERSEN, Philosophy and Ideology in John 9-10 Read as a Single Literary Unit, October 2013


ROWLAND SMITH, Serious Fun in a Potted History at the Saturnalia? Some Imperial Portraits in Julian the Apostate's Caesars, a Medallion-Image of Julian and the 'Gallienae Augustae' aurei, October 2013


LAUREL FULKERSON, Alcibiades ΠΟΛΥΤΡΟΠΟΣ: Socratic Philosopher and Tragic Hero?, December 2013


JAKOB WISSE, Remembering Cremutius Cordus: Tacitus on History, Tyranny and Memory, December 2013






FRANÇOIS PASCHOUD, Mark Thompson, Studies in the Historia Augusta, January 2013


NEVILLE MORLEY, Edith Foster, Thucydides, Pericles, and Periclean Imperialism and Martha Taylor, Thucydides, Pericles, and the Idea of Athens in the Peloponnesian War, September 2013


RICHARD WESTALL, Luca Grillo, The Art of Caesar's Bellum Civile: Literature, Ideology, and Community, September 2013






LIVIA CAPPONI, Paolo Desideri, Saggi su Plutarco e la sua fortuna, July 2013


VINCENT HUNINK, Thomas J. Heffernan, The Passion of Perpetua and Felicity, July 2013


LIV MARIAH YARROW, Polybius: The Histories Books 28–39. Translated by W. R. Paton. Revised by F. W. Walbank and Christian Habicht. Unattributed Fragments. Edited and translated
by S. Douglas Olson
, November 2013




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