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Histos Supplement 11


C. Constantakopoulou and M. Fragoulaki, edd., Shaping Memory in Ancient Greece: Poetry, Historiography, and Epigraphy (2020)




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Introduction, M. Fragoulaki, Collective Memory in Ancient Greek Culture: Concepts, Media, and Sources, ix–xliv


Ch. 1. Christopher Pelling, Homer and the Question Why, 1–35


Ch. 2. Maria Fragoulaki, Thucydides Homericus and the Episode of Mycalessus (Thuc. 7.29–30): Myth and History, Space and Collective Memory, 37–86


Ch. 3. Peter Agócs, Pindar’s Pythian 4: Interpreting History in Song, 87–154


Ch. 4. Emily Baragwanath, History, Ethnography, and Aetiology in Herodotus’ Libyan Logos (4.145–205), 155–88


Ch. 5. Joseph Skinner, Writing Culture: Historiography, Hybridity, and the Shaping of Collective Memory, 189–234


Ch. 6. Polly Low, Remembering, Forgetting, and Rewriting the Past: Athenian Inscriptions and Collective Memory, 235–68


Ch. 7. Julia Shear, An Inconvenient Past in Hellenistic Athens: The Case of Phaidros of Sphettos, 269–301






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