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PHILIP A. STADTER, Speaking to the Deaf: Herodotus, his Audience, and the Spartans at the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War, February 2012

LUISA PRANDI, New Evidence for the Dating of Cleitarchus (POxy LXXI.4808)?, March 2012

FEDERICO SANTANGELO, Authoritative Forgeries: Late Republican History Re-told in pseudo-Sallust, March 2012

BENJAMIN SAMMONS, History and hyponoia: Herodotus and Early Literary Criticism, May 2012

SUSAN SATTERFIELD, Livy and the Timing of Expiation in the Roman Year, June 2012

JOHN MARINCOLA, The Fairest Victor: Plutarch, Aristides and the Persian Wars, July 2012

CHARLES C. CHIASSON, Herodotus' Prologue and the Greek Poetic Tradition, July 2012

FELIX K. MAIER, Learning from History para doxan: a New Approach to Polybius' Manifold View of the Past, July 2012

ANTONY J. S. SPAWFORTH, The pamphleteer Ephippus of Olynthus, King Alexander, and the Persian Royal Hunt, August 2012

GIOVANNI PARMEGGIANI, Sui fondamenti della tesi antica della paternità anassimenea del Tricarano: mimesi stilistica e analogie tra i proemi storiografici di Anassimene di Lampsaco e di Teopompo di Chio (Ad Anaximenes, FGrHist 72 TT 6, 13; F 1), August 2012

FEDERICO RUSSO, Kinship in Roman-Italian Relationships: Diverse Traditions, Perspectives and Interpretations in Velleius Paterculus and Other Roman and Greek Historical Writers, December 2012

DOMINIQUE LENFANT, Ctesias and his Eunuchs: a Challenge for Modern Historians, December 2012

C. SYDNOR ROY, The Constitutional Debate: Herodotus'  Exploration of Good Government, December 2012





CINZIA BEARZOT, Giovanni Parmeggiani, Eforo di Cuma: Studi di storiografia greca, April 2012                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                         [click here for an Italian version]

EDITH FOSTER, Some Recent Work on Direct and Indirect Discourse in the Ancient Historians [on D. Pausch (ed.), Stimmen der Geschichte: Funktionen von Reden in der antiken Historiographie and M. Lang, Thucydidean Narrative and Discourse], May 2012

DANIEL P. TOMPKINS, M. Lang, Thucydidean Narrative and Discourse, August 2012

ARTHUR M. ECKSTEIN, Polybius, the Greek World, and Roman Imperial Expansion [on C. Smith and L. M. Yarrow (edd.), Imperialism, Cultural Politics, and Polybius], September 2012

LINDA WIMMER, Charles E. Hill, Who Chose the Gospels? Probing the Great Gospel Conspiracy, October 2012





VINCIANE PIRENNE-DELFORGE, L. O. Juul, Oracular Tales in Pausanias, May 2012

MASSIMILIANO DI FAZIO, M. Scapini, Temi greci e citazioni da Erodoto nelle storie di Roma arcaica, June 2012

LISA I. HAU, Polybius for the Common Reader (on B. McGing, Polybius' Histories and Polybius, The Histories, a new translation by R. Waterfield with an introduction and notes by B. McGing), June 2012

DENNIS PAUSCH, K. Heldmann, Sine ira et studio: Das Subjektivitätsprinzip der römischen Geschichtsschreibung und das Selbstverständnis antiker Historiker, June 2012

JOACHIM SZIDAT, F. Feraco, Ammiano geografo: nuovi studi, August 2012


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