Histos Supplements


Supervisory Editor:
John Marincola, Florida State University


Supplements to Histos offer thematic volumes whose size or subject matter makes them less suited for publication in the regular journal and more appropriate for independent publication. Material for the Supplements undergoes the same blind refereeing as contributions to the regular journal. The arrangements for blind refereeing are conducted by the supervisory editor.

We recommend that citations from the Supplements be cited as follows:
• For single works thus:
A. E. Raubitschek, Autobiography, ed. with introduction and notes by Donald Lateiner (Newcastle upon Tyne: Histos Supplement 1, 2014), 6–13.

• For articles within supplements:
B. A. Ellis, ‘Herodotus Magister Vitae, or: Herodotus and God in the Protestant Reformation’, in id., ed., God in History: Reading and Rewriting Herodotean Theology from Plutarch to the Renaissance (Newcastle upon Tyne: Histos Supplement 4, 2015), 173-245.

As of 1 January 2022, we must indefinitely suspend the review of proposals for new supplements. Supplements already accepted or in production will continue in production.



1. Antony Erich Raubitschek, The Autobiography of A. E. Raubitschek, Edited with Introduction and Notes by Donald Lateiner (2014)



2. A. J. Woodman, Lost Histories. Selected Fragments of Roman Historical Writers (2015)



3. Felix Jacoby, On the Development of Greek Historiography and the Plan for the New Collection of the Fragments of the Greek Historians. The 1956 Text with the Editorial Additions of Herbert Bloch, translated by Mortimer Chambers and Stefan Schorn (2015)



4. Anthony Ellis, ed., God in History: Reading and Rewriting Herodotean Theology from Plutarch to the Renaissance (2015)



5. Richard Fernando Buxton, ed., Aspects of Leadership in Xenophon (2016)



6. Emily Baragwanath and Edith Foster, edd., Clio and Thalia. Attic Comedy and Historiography  (2017)



7. J. L. Moles, A Commentary on Plutarch's Brutus, with updated bibliographical notes by Christopher Pelling (2017)



8. Alexander Meeus, ed., Narrative in Hellenistic Historiography (2018)



9. Geoffrey Greatrex, ed., Work on Procopius outside the English-speaking World: A Survey (2019)



10. Paul Christesen, A New Reading of the Damonon Stele (2019)



11. C. Constantakopoulou and M. Fragoulaki, edd., Shaping Memory in Ancient Greece: Poetry, Historiography, and Epigraphy (2020)



12. Rachel Bruzzone, ed., Polemos and his Children: War, its Repercussions, and Narrative in Ancient Greek Literature (2021)



13. Bruno Currie, Herodotus as Homeric Critic (2021)



14. Ivan Matijašić, ed., Herodotus—The Most Homeric Historian? (2022)



15. Andrew G. Scott, ed., Studies in Contemporary Historiography (2023)






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