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HISTOS 17 (2023)




ELLEN O’GORMAN, Embedded Speech and the Embodied Speaker in Roman Historiography, April 2023


CHRISTOPHER B. KREBS, ‘It’s Caesar [Kaiser/Tsar], Not Mr. King.’ (Mis)understanding a Caesarian Pun (Suet. Iul. 79.2) and Its Ironies, April 2023


ASKE DAMTOFT POULSEN, Conflicting Reports? Augustus’ Relationship with the Senate and Established Order During His Road to Power in Res Gestae, Velleius Paterculus, Suetonius, and Tacitus, June 2023


JACK W. G. SCHROPP, Was There Dual Authorship in Greek Historiography? A Critical Overview of the Epigraphic and Literary Evidence from Aristotle to Pamphile of Epidaurus, July 2023


IVAN MATIJAŠIĆ, Enoch Powell’s The History of Herodotus and Three Letters from Felix Jacoby: A Rude Preface, Nazi Germany, and Antisemitism, August 2023


VASILEIOS LIOTSAKIS, The Multifunctionality of Source Citations and Indirect Speech in Arrian’s Anabasis of Alexander, December 2023


ROBERT PARKER, The Historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus and the Gods, December 2023


A. J. WOODMAN, Quintilian on Sallust and Livy, December 2023


LUCA BELTRAMINI, Le conseguenze della vittoria. Scipione e la riflessione sull’imperialismo romano in Livio, December 2023


GABRIELE BRUSA, Diverging Traditions on Marcellus’ Sicilian Campaign (214–211 BC): Livy, Cicero, Plutarch, and Appian on Marcellus’ Fides and Humanity, December 2023


MATTEO BARBATO, Political Conflict in Diodorus Siculus: The Χαριέστατοι and the Historian’s Moral Agenda, December 2023




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