HISTOS 11 (2017)





KURT A. RAAFLAUB and JOHN T. RAMSEY, Reconstructing the Chronology of Caesar’s Gallic Wars, April 2017


CAILLAN DAVENPORT, The Sexual Habits of Caracalla: Rumour, Gossip, and Historiography, August 2017


CHRISTOPHER MALLAN, A Turkish Alexander? Michael Attaleiates, Porus, and Alexander The Great, August 2017


DANIEL W. MOORE, Proof Through the Night: Representations of Fire-Signaling in Greek Historiography, September 2017


CHRYSANTHOS S. CHRYSANTHOU, The Proems of Plutarch’s Lives and Historiography, September 2017


ANDREW G. SCOTT, Cassius Dio on Septimius Severus’ decennalia and ludi saeculares, November 2017


JOHN T. RAMSEY and KURT A. RAAFLAUB, Chronological Tables for Caesar’s Wars (58–45 BCE), March 2018





PAOLO DESIDERI, Plutarco fra Grecia e Roma (on P. A. Stadter, Plutarch and his Roman Readers), February 2017


R. JARRETT VAN TINE, Does Peter’s Faith Peter Out? (on R. H. Gundry, Peter: False Disciple and Apostate According to Saint Matthew), February 2017

– Response by R. H. GUNDRY, On the Petering Out of Peter’s Faith, May 2017


PIERRE SCHNEIDER, Nearchus of Crete (on V. Bucciantini, Studio su Nearco di Creta. Dalla descrizione geografica alla narrazione storica), April 2017


ANTTI LAMPINEN, Listing Heresiology (on T. S. Berzon, Classifying Christians. Ethnography, Heresiology, and the Limits of Knowledge in Late Antiquity), May 2017


LUKE V. PITCHER, The Lexicon Historiographicum Graecum et Latinum: An Interim Review (on C. Ampolo and U. Fantasia, edd., Lexicon Historiographicum Graecum et Latinum (LHG&L), 3 vols), July 2017


CYNTHIA DAMON, Aere Perennius: Woodman on Annales V and VI (on A. J. Woodman, The Annals of Tacitus, Books 5 and 6. Edited with a Commentary.), November 2017


RAPHAEL BRENDEL, De Fontibus Malalae: Neue Ansätze zu einem alten Problem (on L. Carrara, M. Meier, and C. Radtki-Jansen, edd., Die Weltchronik des Johannes Malalas. Quellenfragen), December 2017





MARIA OSMERS, Eine neue Einführung zu Thukydides (on P. J. Rhodes, Thucydides), February 2017


LIVIA CAPPONI, Thinking through Josephus and his Readers (on H. Howell Chapman and Z. Rodgers, edd., A Companion to Josephus), February 2017


NEIL ADKIN, Juvencus and the Death of the Messiah: A New Commentary (on M. Müller, Tod und Auferstehung Jesu Christi bei Iuvencus (IV 570–812). Untersuchungen zu Dichtkunst, Theologie und Zweck der ‘Evangeliorum Libri Quattuor’), February 2017


GIOVANNI SALMERI, Greeks on the Black Sea (on V. Cojocaru and C. Schüler, edd., Die Aussenbeziehungen pontischer und kleinasiatischer Städte in hellenistischer und römischer Zeit. Akten einer deutsch-rumänischen Tagung in Constanța, 20.–24. September 2010), February 2017


EVANGELOS ALEXIOU, Isokrates’ Panathenaikos und intentionale Geschichte (on C. Brunello, Storia e paideia nel Panatenaico di Isocrate), February 2017


RONALD T. RIDLEY, Making Time for Ovid: Renaissance Readings of the Fasti (on A. Fritsen, Antiquarian Voices. The Roman Academy and the Commentary Tradition on Ovid's Fasti), March 2017


EDMUND STEWART, The Politics of Emotion in Classical Athens (on E. Visvardi, Emotion in Action: Thucydides and the Tragic Chorus), March 2017


CHRISTFRIED BÖTTRICH, Paulus und Josephus (on V. H. Schell, Die Areopagrede des Paulus und Reden bei Josephus), March 2017


MIKE EDWARDS, Speeches in Herodotus 5–9 (on V. Zali, The Shape of Herodotean Rhetoric: A Study of the Speeches in Herodotus’ Histories with Special Attention to Books 5–9), March 2017


PETER VAN NUFFELEN, Old and New Debates on Sozomen (on C. C. Berardi, Linee di storiografia ecclesiastica in Sozomeno di Gaza), May 2017


LIZ SAWYER, A Lifetime’s Thinking: Hawthorn’s Thucydides (on G. Hawthorn, Thucydides on Politics: Back to the Present), June 2017


NINO LURAGHI, Missing Mom (on T. Cornell and O. Murray, edd., The Legacy of Arnaldo Momigliano), June 2017


MIKAEL JOHANSSON, The World of Libanius (on L. Van Hoof, ed., Libanius: A Critical Introduction), June 2017


ANDREW WALLACE-HADRILL, Suetonius on Augustus: A New Commentary (on D. Wardle, Suetonius: Life of Augustus. Translated with Introduction and Historical Commentary), July 2017


JAN HAYWOOD, A Straussian Xenophon (on E. Buzzetti, Xenophon The Socratic Prince: The Argument of the Anabasis of Cyrus. Recovering Political Philosophy), July 2017


EDITH FOSTER, The Morals Of Historiography (on L. I. Hau, Moral History from Herodotus to Diodorus Siculus), July 2017


GIUSEPPE ZECCHINI, Nuovi studi su Cassio Dione (on J. M. Madsen and C. H. Lange, edd., Cassius Dio: Greek Intellectual and Roman Politician), August 2017


JESPER MAJBOM MADSEN, Empire and Cultural Memory (on K. Galinsky and K. Lapatin, edd., Cultural Memories in the Roman Empire), September 2017


MICHAEL MECKLER, Honoring François Paschoud (on L. Galli Milić and N. Hecquet-Noti, edd., Historiae Augustae Colloquium Genevense in honorem F. Paschoud septuagenarii), September 2017


KELLY SHANNON, Tacitus’ Histories, Provincial Soldiers, and Didactic Historiography (on J. Master, Provincial Soldiers and Imperial Instability in the Histories of Tacitus), September 2017


SUSAN A. STEPHENS, Alien Wisdom (on John Dillery, Clio’s Other Sons: Berossus and Manetho), November 2017


VIVIENNE GRAY, The Hellenica Oxyrhynchia in Context (on E. Occhipinti, The Hellenica Oxyrhynchia and Historiography: New Research Perspectives), December 2017


OSWYN MURRAY, Greek Luxuries (on R. J. Gorman and V. B. Gorman, Corrupting Luxury in Ancient Greek Literature), December 2017


CHRYSANTHOS S. CHRYSANTHOU, Ancient Biography and Fictionalisation (on K. De Temmerman and K. Demoen, edd., Writing Biography in Greece and Rome: Narrative Technique and Fictionalization), December 2017





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