HISTOS 13 (2019)





ROGER BROCK, Herodotus, Cambyses, and the Crossword Puzzle, May 2019


DANIEL W. LEON AND K. A. RASK, New Light on Arrian’s Praenomen from Digital Epigraphy, May 2019


ANDREW C. JOHNSTON, Rewriting Caesar: Cassius Dio and an Alternative Ethnography of the North, May 2019


JONATHAN DAVIES, Covenant and Pax Deorum: Polyvalent Prodigies in Josephus’ Jewish War, June 2019


SALVATORE TUFANO, La memoria sociale dei Beoti: una prospettiva senza Atene, July 2019


DENIS CORREA, The Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia as ‘Poor History’? Historiography, Rhetoric, and the Controversies about Solon in the Fourth Century, July 2019


MATTHEW LOAR, Sempronia, Q. Curius, and the Decline of Roman Gentes in Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae, July 2019


CHRISTOPH PIEPER, How (Not) to Commemorate Cicero: Asinius Pollio in Seneca’s Sixth Suasoria, October 2019


KATHERINE CLARKE, Ignorance is Bliss? Geographical Knowledge in Herodotus and Thucydides, October 2019





KENNETH ATKINSON, The Hasmonean Dynasty and the Promised Land (on K. Berthelot, In Search of the Promised Land? The Hasmonean Dynasty between Biblical Models and Hellenistic Diplomacy, transl. M. Rigaud), January 2019


MANUELA MARI, Il Polibio di Peter Derow (on P. Derow, Rome, Polybius, and the East, edd. A. Erskine and J. Crawley Quinn), March 2019


ADAM M. KEMEZIS, Taking Stock of Cassius Dio (on V. Fromentin, E. Bertrand, M. Coltelloni-Trannoy, M. Molin, and G. Urso, edd., Cassius Dion: Nouvelles lectures, 2 vols), July 2019


HARRY O. MAIER, On the Historiographical Promises and Perils of Reading The Book of Acts in Light of Trajan’s Column (on D. W. Billings, Acts of the Apostles and the Rhetoric of Roman Imperialism), September 2019


DAVID ROHRBACHER, New Perspectives on the Historia Augusta (on E. Savino, Ricerche sull’Historia Augusta), September 2019


THIBAUD LANFRANCHI, Rechtssystematiker versus Gesellschaftshistoriker? Repenser l’opposition Mommsen/Gelzer (on S. Strauß, Von Mommsen zu Gelzer? Die Konzeption römisch-republikanischer Gesellschaft in ‘Staatsrecht’ und ‘Nobilität’), November 2019





P. J. RHODES, Thucydides in Inter-War Italy (on D. Piovan, Tucidide in Europa: Storici e storiografia greca nell’età dello storicismo), January 2019


HARTMUT LEPPIN, Alan Cameron und die spätantike Historiographie (on A. Cameron, Studies in Late Roman Literature and History), February 2019


CHRISTOPHER SMITH, Writing for Caesar (on L. Grillo and C. B. Krebs, edd., The Cambridge Companion to the Writings of Julius Caesar), February 2019


MATTEO ZACCARINI, Documenti greci in frammenti: un catalogo di buone pratiche della ricerca (on G. Ottone, ed., Historiai para doxan. Documenti greci in frammenti: nuove prospettive esegetiche. Atti dell’Incontro internazionale di studi (Genova, 10–11 Marzo 2016)), March 2019


TONY SPAWFORTH, Thinking with Briant (on P. Briant, Kings, Countries, Peoples: Selected Studies on the Achaemenid Empire, trans. A. Kuhrt), March 2019


JOHN A. LOBUR, A Bibliography on Cornelius Nepos (on Y. Spies, Kornelbibliographie: Die gesamte Literatur von und über Cornelius Nepos bis zum Ende des Jahres 2015), March 2019 (rev. 18 October)


WALTER LAPINI, Sophia philobios: la biografia come dottrina nella tradizione filosofica greca (on M. Bonazzi and S. Schorn, edd., Bios Philosophos: Philosophy in Ancient Greek Biography), April 2019


OMAR COLORU, Visioni del mondo fra Oriente e Occidente (on R. Rollinger, ed., Die Sicht auf die Welt zwischen Ost und West 750 v. Chr.–550 n. Chr./Looking at the World, from the East and the West 750 BCE–550 CE), July 2019


PETER KRENTZ, Xenophon and Isocrates (on M. Tamiolaki, ed., Xenophon and Isocrates: Political Affinities and Literary Interactions), July 2019


LUKE PITCHER, Historiographical Canons (on I. Matijašić, Shaping the Canons of Ancient Greek Historiography. Imitation, Classicism, and Literary Criticism), September 2019


BRAM FAUCONNIER, The Greek Experience of India (on R. Stoneman, The Greek Experience of India: From Alexander to the Indo-Greeks), October 2019


VIRGINIA FABRIZI, Uncertainty in Livy and Velleius Paterculus (on A. Domainko, Uncertainty in Livy and Velleius: Time, Hermeneutics and Roman Historiography), October 2019


IVAN MATIJAŠIĆ, Making Sense of History-Writing in the Graeco-Roman World: An Anthology (on J. Marincola, On Writing History from Herodotus to Herodian), November 2019


ANDREW G. SCOTT, Cassius Dio and the Augustan Settlement (on M. Bellissime and F. Hurlet, edd., Dion Cassius: Histoire romaine: livre 53), November 2019


TIM ROOD, Steering Anachronism (on A. Junghanß, B. Kaiser, and D. Pausch, edd., Zeitmontagen: Formen und Funktionen gezielter Anachronismen), December 2019


TIM ROOD, Revisiting Thucydides’ Tragic Rationality (on P. Ponchon, Thucydide philosophe: la raison tragique dans l’histoire), December 2019





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