HISTOS 14 (2020)





DAVID J. DEVORE, ‘The Only Event Mightier Than Everyone’s Hope’: Classical Historiography and Eusebius’ Plague Narrative, February 2020


FRANCESCA GAZZANO, Lettere dal fronte. Diplomazia e trame personali nei primi anni della guerra ionica (413–410 a.C.), March 2020


ROBERT COWAN, Not the Consular Year: Perverting Annalistic Time in Sallust, June 2020


JESSICA LIGHTFOOT, Tacitus’ Germania and the Limits of Fantastic Geography, July 2020


PAT WHEATLEY, The Implications of ‘Poliorcetes’: Was Demetrius the Besieger’s Nickname Ironic?, August 2020


JENNIFER FINN, Plutarch’s Themistocles: The Serpent of Hellas, September 2020


ILARIA ANDOLFI, Empedocles Arbiter Symposii: Luxury, Political Equality, and Bizarre Dinner Parties in Fifth-Century Acragas, October 2020


JEFFREY S. RUSTEN, Τὴν ἐκβολὴν τοῦ λόγου ἐποιησάμην: Thucydides’ Chronicle in the Pentekontaetia (1.97–117) is not a Digression, November 2020


TYLER CREER, Ethnography and the Roman Digressions of Ammianus Marcellinus, November 2020


J. E. GLAS, Josephus Between Jerusalem and Rome: Cultural Brokerage and the Rhetoric of Emotion in the Bellum Judaicum (1.9–12), December 2020


LUCA BELTRAMINI, Livio e il conflitto tra generazioni: la fine della monarchia e la nascita della repubblica, December 2020





FRANCESCO PRONTERA, Strabone: contesto e scala (on The Geography of Strabo, trans. by D. W. Roller, and D. W. Roller, A Historical and Topographical Guide to the Geography of Strabo), January 2020


EMANUELE PULVIRENTI, ‘Persianism’ under Scrutiny: Mnemohistorical Perspectives on the Achaemenid Empire (on R. Strootman and M. J. Versluys, edd., Persianism in Antiquity), March 2020


JOHN T. RAMSEY, Balancing Caesar’s Account of the Civil War (on R. W. Westall, Caesar’s Civil War: Historical Reality and Fabrication), April 2020


PHOEBE GARRETT, Deconstructing Nero and Domitian? (on V. Schulz, Deconstructing Imperial Representation: Tacitus, Cassius Dio, and Suetonius on Nero and Domitian), June 2020


MARTINA BONO, Le Storie Romane di Cassio Dione (on C. Burden-Strevens and M. O. Lindholmer, edd., Cassius Dio’s Forgotten History of Early Rome: The Roman History, Books 1–21; J. Osgood and C. Baron, edd., Cassius Dio and the Late Roman Republic; J. M. Madsen, Cassius Dio), June 2020


INGER N. I. KUIN, Against Hybridity: When Greeks (under Rome) were Greeks (on F. Ursin, Freiheit, Herrschaft, Widerstand. Griechische Erinnerungskultur in der Hohen Kaiserzeit (1.–3. Jahrhundert n. Chr.)), June 2020


PHILIP RANCE, New Viewpoints on Procopius (on C. Lillington-Martin and E. Turquois, edd., Procopius of Caesarea: Literary and Historical Interpretations), June 2020


ANTHONY R. BIRLEY, The Last Books of Cassius Dio (on A. G. Scott, Emperors and Usurpers: An Historical Commentary on Cassius Dio’s Roman History Books 79(78)–80(80) (A.D. 217–229)), July 2020


BRAM L. H. TEN BERGE, Thinking About Rome (on N. Steffensen, Nachdenken über Rom: Literarische Konstruktionen der römischen Geschichte in der Formierungsphase des Principats), July 2020


TIM ROOD, Reading Thucydides in the Early Twentieth Century (on B. Earley, The Thucydidean Turn: (Re)Interpreting Thucydides’ Political Thought Before, During and After the Great War), August 2020


ANTONIO PISTELLATO, La Historia Augusta e i suoi ‘charmes délétères’ (on B. Bleckmann and H. Brandt, edd., Historiae Augustae Colloquium Dusseldorpiense), September 2020


DANIELE MIANO, The Explosion of Dionysius of Halicarnassus: Ghosts of Rhetoric from the Artes Historicae to Postmodernist Historiography (on R. L. Hunter and C. C. de Jonge, edd., Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Augustan Rome: Rhetoric, Criticism and Historiography; and Friedrich Meins, Paradigmatische Geschichte: Wahrheit, Theorie und Methode in den Antiquitates Romanae des Dionysios von Halikarnassos), November 2020


GEORGE BAROUD, An Italian Edition of the Agricola (on S. Audano, Tacito: Agricola), December 2020





KATHRYN STEVENS, Putting Megasthenes in his Place (on J. Wiesehöfer, H. Brinkhaus, and R. Bichler, edd., Megasthenes und seine Zeit / Megasthenes and his Time), January 2020


CHRISTOPHER BURDEN-STREVENS, Speeches in History: An Anthology (on J. C. Iglesias-Zoido and V. Pineda, edd., Anthologies of Historiographical Speeches from Antiquity to Early Modern Times: Rearranging the Tesserae), January 2020


GIULIA DONELLI, A Reading Approach to Herodotus (on P. S. Peek, Herodotus, Histories, Book V. Text, Commentary, and Vocabulary), February 2020


KATERINA OIKONOMOPOULOU, Plutarchan Versatility (on J. Opsomer, G. Roskam, and F. B. Titchener, edd., A Versatile Gentleman: Consistency in Plutarch’s Writing. Studies offered to Luc Van der Stockt on the Occasion of his Retirement), June 2020


CARLO M. LUCARINI, Der Text der Chronica des Sulpicius Severus (on Sulpici Severi, Chronica, cura et studio P. Parroni), June 2020


JESPER CARLSEN, A New Edition of Justin, Books 11–23 (on Justin, Abrégé des Histoires Philippiques du Trogue Pompée II. Livres XI–XXIII), August 2020


IVAN MATIJAŠIĆ, The Final Instalment of the Valla Herodotus (on P. Vannicelli, A. Corcella, and G. Nenci, edd. and trans., Erodoto, Le Storie, Volume VII: Libro VII, Serse e Leonida), August 2020


ROBIN OSBORNE, Polis Histories, Histories of Polities (on R. Thomas, Polis Histories, Collective Memories and the Greek World), September 2020


JOHN BRISCOE, Debating the Histories of the Elder Seneca (on M. C. Scappaticcio, ed., Seneca the Elder and his Rediscovered ‘Historiae ab initio bellorum civilium’: New Perspectives on Early-Imperial Roman Historiography), September 2020


ANNE QUEYREL BOTTINEAU, En reflechissant sur l’œuvre de Hans-Joachim Gehrke (on A. Möller, ed., Historiographie und Vergangenheitsvorstellungen in der Antike. Beiträge zur Tagung aus Anlass des 70. Geburtstages von Hans-Joachim Gehrke), September 2020


CHRISTA GRAY, Martyrs and Communities (on K. Degen, Der Gemeinsinn der Märtyrer. Die Darstellung gemeinwohlorientierten Handelns in den frühchristlichen Martyriumsberichten), October 2020


SERGIO BRILLANTE, Tecniche di rappresentazione in Arriano (on H. Schunk, Arrians Indiké: Eine Untersuchung der Darstellungstechnik), December 2020




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