HISTOS 15 (2021)





A. J. WOODMAN, Cicero and Sallust: Debating Death, March 2021


DANIELA MOTTA, Carino: homo omnium contaminatissimus o bene agens erga Christianos, March 2021


GERTRUD DIETZE-MAGER, Das Konzept des sozialen Friedens und seine Widersprüche: ein Beitrag zu Aristoteles’ argumentativer und historischer Glaubwürdigkeit, April 2021


E. T. E. BARKER, On Space, Place, and Form in Herodotus’ Histories, May 2021


MARCALINE J. BOYD, Sleeping with the Tyrant: Thebe the Tyrannicide and the Death of Alexander of Pherae in Plutarch’s Pelopidas, May 2021


JUSTIN A. STOVER AND GEORGE WOUDHUYSEN, Jordanes and the Date of the Epitome de Caesaribus, June 2021


HUNTER R. RAWLINGS III, Thucydides’ Ἔργα, June 2021


BEATRICE POLETTI, The Enemy’s Brides: Dionysius of Halicarnassus on the Abduction of the Sabine Women, July 2021


LISA IRENE HAU, The Fragments of Polybius Compared with those of Duris and Phylarchus, October 2021


A. J. WOODMAN, Moving Livy, November 2021





PHILIP RANCE, Procopius in Context (on G. Greatrex and S. Janniard, edd., Le Monde de Procope/The World of Procopius), February 2021


ÁLVARO M. MORENO LEONI, Exploring Roman Imperialism (on P. Burton, Roman Imperialism), February 2021


GEORGIOS VASSILIADES, Les guerres civiles romaines de la fin de la republique: conceptualisations et re-conceptualisations synchroniques et diachroniques (on C. H. Lange and F. J. Vervaet, edd., The Historiography of Late Republican Civil War), February 2021


ANTTI LAMPINEN, Approaches To Ancient Ethnographic Topoi (on M. Zerjadtke, ed., Der ethnographische Topos in der Alten Geschichte: Annäherungen an ein omnipräsentes Phänomen), June 2021


PHILIP RANCE, The Dutch Ammianus Commentary Completed (on J. den Boeft, J. W. Drijvers, D. den Hengst, and H. C. Teitler, Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus XXXI), June 2021


JANE LIGHTFOOT, Mediaeval and Early Modern Readers of Dares Phrygius (on F. Clark, The First Pagan Historian: The Fortunes of a Fraud from Antiquity to the Enlightenment), August 2021





GIOVANNI PARMEGGIANI, Un gioco di sguardi (on T. Blank and F. K. Maier, edd., Die symphonischen Schwestern: Narrative Konstruktion von ‘Wahrheiten’ in der nachklassischen Geschichtsschreibung), February 2021


LUCA GRILLO, A New English Translation of the Bellum Gallicum (on J. J. O’Donnell, Julius Caesar: The War for Gaul. A New Translation), February 2021


ANKE WALTER, Herodotean Intertexts in Apollonius Rhodius (on A. D. Morrison, Apollonius Rhodius, Herodotus and Historiography), February 2021


CESARE LETTA, Claudio fra Roma e Lione (on S. J. V. Malloch, The Tabula Lugdunensis: A Critical Edition with Translation and Commentary), March 2021


JENNIFER GERRISH, An Anthology of Sallust Scholarship (on W. W. Batstone and A. Feldherr, edd., Sallust), March 2021


MATTHIAS HAAKE, Stefan Schorn über die hellenistische Biographie (on S. Schorn, Studien zur hellenistischen Biographie und Historiographie), March 2021


STÉPHANIE ANTHONIOZ, Hellenistic Influence in the Hebrew Bible (on R. K. Gnuse, Hellenism and the Primary History: The Imprint of Greek Sources in Genesis – 2 Kings), March 2021


FELIX K. MAIER, Herodot, menschliche Verantwortlichkeit und das Göttliche (on M. Krewet, Vernunft und Religion bei Herodot), April 2021


JAMES H. RICHARDSON, Rome’s Early Growth (on A. Ziołkowski, From Roma Quadrata to la grande Roma dei Tarquini: A Study of the Literary Tradition on Rome’s Territorial Growth under the Kings), April 2021


JEFFREY MURRAY, Commenting on Valerius Maximus (on J. Briscoe, Valerius Maximus, ‘Facta et Dicta Memorabilia’, Book 8: Text, Introduction, and Commentary), April 2021


PIERRE PONTIER, Un companion pour Xénophon (on M. A. Flower, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Xenophon), April 2021


JOSIAH OSGOOD, Catiline Reassessed (on G. Urso, Catilina: le faux populiste), May 2021


ANJA BETTENWORTH, Nero and the Christian Apocalypse (on S. Malik, The Nero-Antichrist: Founding and Fashioning a Paradigm), June 2021


MELINA TAMIOLAKI, Xenophon, Education, and the Athenian Democracy (on M. R. Christ, Xenophon and the Athenian Democracy: The Education of an Elite Citizenry), July 2021


AYELET PEER, Speeches and the Late Republic in Cassius Dio (on C. Burden-Strevens, Cassius Dio’s Speeches and the Collapse of the Roman Republic: The Roman History, Books 3–56), July 2021


CAITLIN GILLESPIE, Critical Females in Rome’s Foundation History (on P. Keegan, Livy’s Women: Crisis, Resolution and the Female in Rome’s Foundation History), August 2021


VICTORIA RIMELL, Motifs of Fire in Imperial Latin Literature (on V. M. Closs, While Rome Burned: Fire, Leadership, and Urban Disaster in the Roman Cultural Imagination), August 2021


KELLY SHANNON-HENDERSON, Speech and Senatorial Politics in Tacitus (on E. O’Gorman, Tacitus’ History of Politically Effective Speech: Truth to Power), August 2021


RICHARD WESTALL, Receptions of Julius Caesar from Ancient to Modern (on T. A. Hass and R. Raja, edd., Caesar’s Past and Posterity’s Caesar), September 2021


FRED K. DROGULA, Richardson’s Essays on Early Rome (on J. H. Richardson, Kings and Consuls: Eight Essays on Roman History, Historiography, and Political Thought), September 2021


FRANCIS WATSON, New Readings of Early Church History (on M. Vinzent, Writing the History of Early Christianity: From Reception to Retrospection), October 2021


JANE MCLARTY, The Early Martyr Narratives (on É. Rebillard, The Early Martyr Narratives: Neither Authentic Accounts nor Forgeries), October 2021




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