HISTOS 16 (2022)





JUSTIN A. STOVER AND GEORGE WOUDHUYSEN, Historiarum Libri Quinque: Hegesippus between Josephus and Sallust, January 2022


CHRISTOPHER B. KREBS, The Cart Before the Horse: Coelius Antipater, FRHist 5 F 41, May 2022


A. J. WOODMAN, Sourcing the Neronia: Tacitus, Annals 14.20–1, May 2022


PIETRO ZACCARIA, Stratti di Olinto: uno storico di Alessandro Magno nella Suda, June 2022


DANIEL J. CROSBY, Croesus at Dodona: The Test of Oracles in the Oracular Context, July 2022


DAVID C. YATES, Ephorus and Alexander the Great (FGrHist 70 F 223), December 2022


GIOVANNA TODARO, T. Quinctio Crispino Badius Campanus Hospes Erat: L’ultimo duello capuano (Liv. 25.18.4–13), December 2022


KINCH HOEKSTRA AND LUCA IORI, Thomas Hobbes’s Translation of ‘The Plague of Athens’ (Thuc. 2.47.2–54): A First Critical Edition, December 2022





BRUNO BLECKMANN, Eine Fragmentsammlung spätlateinischer Historiker (on L. van Hoof and P. van Nuffelen, edd., The Fragmentary Latin Histories of Late Antiquity (AD 300–620): Edition, Translation and Commentary), January 2022


RACHEL BRUZZONE, Thucydides on Spartan Identity and Propaganda (on A. Powell and P. Debnar, edd., Thucydides and Sparta), January 2022


UWE WALTER, A New Edinburgh History Volume on Early Rome (on G. Bradley, Early Rome to 290 BC: The Beginning of the City and the Rise of the Republic), February 2022


DAVID WOODS, Notes On Suetonius (on T. Power, Collected Papers on Suetonius), April 2022


ALEXANDRA LIANERI, Between Past and Future: Explorations in Ancient and Modern Philosophies of History (on A. Turner, ed., Reconciling Ancient and Modern Philosophies of History), July 2022


NELU ZUGRAVU, Nuova edizione commentata di Aurelio Vittore (on M. A. Nickbakht and C. Scardino, edd., comm., trans, Aurelius Victor: Historiae Abbreviatae), August 2022


CRAIGE B. CHAMPION, Polybius Redux: From Pragmatic Machiavellian to Multidimensional Enigma (on J. Scherr, M. Gronau, and S. Saracino, edd., Polybios von Megalopolis: Staatsdenken zwischen griechischer Poliswelt und römischer Res Publica), October 2022


MARCO CRISTINI, Procopio di Cesarea tra letteratura, storia e storiografia (on M. Meier and F. Montinaro, edd., A Companion to Procopius of Caesarea), November 2022





DENNIS PAUSCH, Cambridge Kommentar zu Livius Buch 22 (on J. Briscoe and S. Hornblower, edd., Livy: Ab Urbe Condita Book XXII), January 2022


CHRISTOPHER BARON, An Historiographical Study of Arrian’s Anabasis (on D. W. Leon, Arrian the Historian: Writing the Greek Past in the Roman Empire), March 2022


MATTIAS GASSMAN, Violence and the Emperors in Lactantius (on G. Zipp, Gewalt in Laktanz’ ‘De mortibus persecutorum’), April 2022


TIMOTHY JOSEPH, The Intertextuality of Horror (on A. Estèves, Poétique de l’horreur dans l’épopée et l’historiographie latines), May 2022


MICHAEL KULIKOWSKI, Essays on Malalas in Historiographical Context (on J. Borsch, O. Gengler, and M. Meier, edd., Die Weltchronik des Johannes Malalas im Kontext spätantiker Memorialkultur), May 2022


CYNTHIA DAMON, Historiographical Methods in Tacitus and Suetonius (on P. Duchêne, Comment écrire sur les empereurs? Les procédés historiographiques de Tacite et Suétone), July 2022


JEFFREY BENEKER, Plutarch as Storyteller and Moralist (on C. S. Chrysanthou, Plutarch’s Parallel Lives: Narrative Technique and Moral Judgement), August 2022


HUNTER R. RAWLINGS III, Green-and-Yellows of Thucydides 6 and 7 (on C. Pelling, ed., Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War Book VI; Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War Book VII), September 2022


FIONA K. HAARER, Intercultural Exchange in the Late Antique World (on P. van Nuffelen, ed., Historiography and Space in Late Antiquity; M. Conterno and M. Mazzola, edd., Intercultural Exchange in Late Antique Historiography), September 2022


GIUSTINA MONTI, Klaus Meister’s Writings on Greek Historiography (on K. Meister, Studien zur griechischen Geschichtsschreibung: von der Klassik bis zur Spatantike), October 2022


SIMONE OPPEN, Early Commemorative Narratives of the Persian Wars (on G. Proietti, Prima di Erodoto: Aspetti della memoria delle Guerre persiane), October 2022


GIACOMO A. M. RANZANI, Narratology and the Pseudo-Caesarian Corpus (on M. Müller, Der andere Blick auf Caesars Kriege: eine narratologische Analyse der vier Supplemente im ‘Corpus Caesarianum’), October 2022


EMMA NICHOLSON, Polybius on the Value of Experience and History (on D. W. Moore, Polybius: Experience and the Lessons of History), November 2022


BARBARA SAYLOR RODGERS, Dio’s Tiberian Books: A New Translation and Commentary (on C. T. Mallan, Cassius Dio, Roman History: Books 57 and 58 (The Reign of Tiberius)), December 2022




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