HISTOS 8 (2014)




JASPER GRIFFIN, The Emergence of Herodotus, January 2014


ELIZABETH IRWIN, Ethnography and Empire: Homer and the Hippocratics in Herodotus' Ethiopian Logos, 3.17-26, March 2014


GEOFFREY GREATREX, Perceptions of Procopius in Recent Scholarship, May 2014

         GEOFFREY GREATREX, Perceptions of Procopius in Recent Scholarship. Addenda, October 2014


CAITLIN GILLESPIE, Poppaea Venus and the Ptolemaic Queens: an Alternative Biography, June 2014


ÁLVARO MORENO LEONI, The Failure of the Aetolian Deditio as a Didactic Cultural Clash in the Histories of Polybios (20.9-10), June 2014


GIOVANNI PARMEGGIANI , On the Translation of Polybius 1.1.2, June 2014


JESSICA H. CLARK , Nequaquam tantum belli: News and Politics in Livy, Book 35.1-8, June 2014


SILVIA BARBANTANI, Mother of Snakes and Kings: Apollonius Rhodius' Foundation of Alexandria, June 2014


BRETT BARTLETT, Justin's Epitome: the Unlikely Adaptation of Trogus' World History, July 2014


ALEXANDER THEIN, Capitoline Jupiter and the Historiography of Roman World Rule, July 2014


ANDREA FAVUZZI, Alessandro e Clito (Suda μ 720 + οι 178 Adler), July 2014


CAROL ATACK, The Discourse of Kingship in Classical Athenian Thought, August 2014


RONALD T. RIDLEY, Gaetano De Sanctis and Livy. The First Decade, August 2014





ROBERTO NICOLAI, The Proem of Diodorus Book XX (on I. Achilli, Il proemio del libro 20 della Biblioteca Storica di Diodoro Siculo), February 2014


DAVID J. BRYAN, John, Jesus and the Renewal of Israel (on R. Horsley and T. Thatcher, John, Jesus and the Renewal of Israel), October 2014


JOHN THORNTON, Historical Contingency in Polybius (on F. K. Maier, ‘Überall mit dem Unerwarteten rechnen’. Die Kontingenz historischer Prozesse bei Polybios), December 2014.





BRONWEN L. WICKKISER, Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar 14 (on F. Cairns and M. Griffin, edd., Health and Sickness in Ancient Rome - Greek and Roman Poetry and Historiography), February 2014


JOHN DILLERY, Thucydides and Herodotus (on E. Foster and D. Lateiner, edd., Thucydides and Herodotus), February 2014


LISA HAU, Polybius and Roman Imperialism (on D. W. Baronowski, Polybius and Roman Imperialism), February 2014


LUCAS HERCHENROEDER, Situating Universal History (on P. Liddel and A. Fear, edd., Historiae mundi: Studies in Universal History), April 2014


KENNETH S. SACKS, Polybius and his World (on B. Gibson and T. Harrison, edd., Polybius and his World. Essays in Memory of F. W. Walbank), April 2014


MAREK WEKOWSKI, Slavery, Freedom and the Historians (on M. Tamiolaki, Liberté et esclavage chez les historiens grecs classiques), May 2014


MATTHEW SLEEMAN, Encountering Images of Spiritual Transformation (on J. M. Morgan, Encountering Images of Spiritual Transformation: The Thoroughfare Motif within the Plot of Luke-Acts), May 2014


STANLEY M. BURSTEIN, Euhemerus' Sacred History (on M. Winiarczyk, The ‘Sacred History’ of Euhemerus of Messene), June 2014


JAMES MORGAN, Luke-Acts and 'Tragic History' (on D. Lee, Luke-Acts and ‘Tragic History’: Communicating Gospel with the World), June 2014


THOMAS M. BANCICH, Eunapius' Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists (on M. Becker, Eunapios aus Sardes: Biographien über Philosophen und Sophisten. Einleitung, Übersetzung, Kommentar), July 2014


DAVID YATES, Social Memory in Athens (on B. Steinbock, Social Memory in Athenian Public Discourse: Uses and Meanings of the Past), July 2014


FEDERICO SANTANGELO, Syme, Momigliano, and a New Italian Edition of The Roman Revolution (on R. Syme, La rivoluzione romana, ed. G. Traina), August 2014


ROWLAND SMITH, Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity: Fifty Years after Momigliano's Conflict (on P. Brown and R. Lizzi Testa, edd., Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire: The Breaking of a Dialogue (IVth–VIth Century A.D.), October 2014


EMMANUEL C. BOURBOUHAKIS, Ethnography in Byzantine Literature (on A. Kaldellis, Ethnography after Antiquity: Foreign Lands and Peoples in Byzantine Literature), October 2014


MICHAEL SOMMER, Political Communication and the Military under the Second Triumvirate (on R. Mangiameli, Tra duces e milites. Forme di comunicazione politica al tramonto della repubblica), November 2014


ANNE QUEYREL BOTTINEAU, Historical Memory and Political Communication in the Classical Polis (on M. Osmers, ‘Wir aber sind damals und jetzt immer die gleichen’: Vergangenheitsbezüge
in der polisübergreifenden Kommunikation der klassischen Zeit
), November 2014


SARA FORSDYKE, Kinship in Thucydides (on M. Fragoulaki, Kinship in Thucydides: Intercommunal Ties and Historical Narrative), November 2014


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