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JOHN RICH, Structuring Roman History: the Roman Year and the Roman Consular Tradition (October, 1996; revised June, 2011)

ROBIN SEAGER, Ammianus, Theodosius and Sallust's Jugurtha (December, 1996)
PHILIP STADTER, Herodotus and the North Carolina Oral Narrative Tradition (January, 1997)
RHIANNON ASH, Warped Intertextualities: Naevius and Sallust at Tacitus Histories 2.12.2 (January, 1997)
CHRISTOPHER PELLING, East is East and West is West - Or Are They? National Stereotypes in Herodotus (March, 1997)
THOMAS WIEDEMANN & WANG NAIXIN, Mommsen's Roman History (April, 1997)
T.P. WISEMAN, Thucydides on Logographoi: A Modern Parallel? (April, 1997)
MICHAEL HODGKINSON, John Malalas, Licinius Macer, and the History of Romulus (April, 1997)
JOHN HENDERSON, Three Men in a Vote: Proscription and the Power of the Text (Appian, BC 4.1.1-6.51) (April, 1997)
DAVID BRAUND, Plutarch's Pyrrhus and Euripides' Phoenician Women: Biography and Tragedy on Pleonectic Parenting (August, 1997)
VIVIENNE GRAY, Reading the Rise of Pisistratus: Herodotus 1.56-68 (August, 1997)





John Marincola, Comments on P. Stadter, 'Herodotus and the North Carolina Oral Narrative Tradition'

R.G.M. Nisbet, Tacitus Annals III (edd. A.J. Woodman and R.H. Martin) (December, 1996)
F.W. Walbank, Greek Historiography (ed. S. Hornblower) (December, 1996)
C.J. Tuplin, J. Dillery, Xenophon and the History of his Times (January, 1997)
Stefan Rebenich, A. Heuss, Theodor Mommsen und das 19. Jahrhundert (April, 1997)
John Briscoe, V.M. Warrior, The Initiation of the Second Macedonian War: An Explication of Livy Book 31 (April, 1997)
Robin Seager, A. Drummond, Law, Politics and Power: Sallust and the Execution of the Catilinarian Conspirators (April, 1997)
Shaun Tougher, Cameron and Beyond: A. Cameron, Procopius and the Sixth Century (April, 1997)
A.B. Bosworth, In Search of Cleitarchus: L. Prandi, Fortuna e realtà dell'opera di Clitarco (August, 1997)
M.E. Mullett, D. Krueger, Symeon the Holy Fool: Leontios's Life and the Late Antique City (October, 1997)
F.W. Walbank, J. Marincola, Authority and Tradition in Ancient Historiography (November, 1997)
Andrew Feldherr, C.S. Kraus and A.J. Woodman, Latin Historians (November, 1997)




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Hugh Bowden, Herodotus, The Histories (tr. A. de Sélincourt, rev. and ed. J. Marincola) (April, 1997)
Alain M. Gowing, Appian, The Civil Wars (tr. J. Carter) (April, 1997)
Rhiannon Ash, Tacitus, The Histories (tr. W.H. Fyfe, rev. and ed. D.S. Levene) (April, 1997)
David Rollason, Beda Venerabilis: Historian, Monk and Northumbrian (ed. L.A.J.R. Houwen and A.A. MacDonald) (August, 1997)
Kathryn E. Welch, Caesar, The Gallic Wars (tr. Carolyn Hammond) (August, 1997)
W. Jeffrey Tatum, Plutarch and his Intellectual World (ed. J. Mossman) (August, 1997)
Martin Millett, D. Braund, Ruling Roman Britain: kings, queens, governors and emperors from Julius Caesar to Agricola (August, 1997)
Hugh Bowden, N. Thompson, Herodotus and the origins of the political community: Arion's Leap (August, 1997)
P.J. Rhodes, Herodotus, Histories (tr. and notes G. Rawlinson, introduction by Tom Griffith) (November, 1997)


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