HISTOS 2 (1998)








THOMAS HARRISON, Herodotus' Conception of Foreign Languages (March, 1998)
MOGENS HERMAN HANSEN, The Little Grey Horse - Henry V's Speech at Agincourt and the Battle Exhortation in Ancient Historiography (March, 1998)
P.J. RHODES, 'Epidamnus is a City': On Not Overinterpreting Thucydides (July, 1998)
F.R. STEPHENSON & L.J. FATOOHI, The Total Solar Eclipse Described by Plutarch (July, 1998)

JOHN W. BURKE, Emblematic Scenes in Suetonius' Vitellius (July, 1998)
JOHN MOLES, Cry Freedom: Tacitus Annals 4.32-35 (October, 1998)
SIAN LEWIS, Who is Pythius the Lydian? (January, 1999)
THOMAS K. JOHANSEN, Truth, Lies and History in Plato's Timaeus-Critias (February, 1999)
CHRISTOPHER ROWE, The Uses and Disadvantages of Socrates (March, 1999)
TIM ROOD, Thucydides and his Predecessors (April, 1999)
JAN WILLEM DRIJVERS, Ammianus Marcellinus on the Geography of the Pontus Euxinus (April, 1999)





Donald Lateiner, S. Hornblower, A Commentary on Thucydides Volume II: Books IV-V.24 (March, 1998)
J.R. Morgan, Phlegon of Tralles' Book of Marvels (tr. with introduction and commentary by William Hansen) (September, 1998)
A.J. Woodman, D.S. Potter, Literary Texts and the Roman Historian (May, 1999)




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P.J. Rhodes, Justin, An Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus Books XI-XII (tr. & appendices by J.C. Yardley; commentary by Waldemar Heckel) (July, 1998)
James T. Chlup, Mary Jaeger, Livy's Written Rome (February, 1999)


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