HISTOS 5 (2011)








JOHN RICH, Structuring Roman History: the Roman Year and the Roman Consular Tradition, June 2011

ROWLAND B. E. SMITH, The Casting of Julian the Apostate 'in the Likeness' of Alexander the Great: a Topos in Antique Historiography and its Modern Echoes, June 2011

LUCIO TROIANI, Storia antica e storia classica: il caso dell'Oriente greco-romano, August 2011

JOHN L. MOLES, Jesus the Healer in the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and Early Christianity, August 2011

LISA I. HAU, Tychê in Polybios: Narrative Answers to a Philosophical Question, August 2011

ANNA J. CLARK, Vologaeses as Mirror, September 2011

LUKE V. PITCHER, Ronald Syme and Ovid's Road Not Taken, November 2011

LIVIA CAPPONI, Hecataeus of Abdera and a New Conjecture in Josephus, Contra Apionem 1.189, November 2011

KELLY SHANNON, Livy's Cossus and Augustus, Tacitus' Germanicus and Tiberius: a Historiographical Allusion, November 2011

JEAN-MICHEL HULLS, How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us: Compressing History in Silius' Punica, December 2011





DOMINIQUE LENFANT, À propos d'un commentaire récent de l'Artaxerxès de Plutarque,
March 2011





DAVID WHITEHEAD, Kai Brodersen (ed.), Polyainos: Neue Studien/Polyaenus: New Studies, July 2011

LIVIA CAPPONI, Luisa Prandi (ed.), I papiri e le storie di Alessandro Magno, July 2011

DAVID HUNT, Timothy D. Barnes, Early Christian Hagiography and Roman History, December 2011

DENNIS PAUSCH, Beat Näf, Antike Geschichtsschreibung: Form–Leistung–Wirkung, December 2011

DAVID HUNT, Daniël den Hengst, Emperors and Historiography: Collected Essays on the
Literature of the Roman Empire
, December 2011



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