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Histos Supplement 9


Geoffrey Greatrex, ed., Work on Procopius outside the English-speaking World: A Survey (2019)


This survey of Procopius’ works in languages other than English is an on-going project that will be completed during 2024. Those chapters below with active links are now available. Additional individual chapters will become available as the editor receives them.




I. The Early History of Procopian Scholarship

1.   Brian Croke, Procopius, From Manuscripts to Books: 1400–1850


II. The Main Streams of Procopian Scholarship

2.  Mischa Meier, Felix Dahn and Jacob Haury: The Foundations of Procopius Research in the German Language

3.   Federico Montinaro, Italy

4.   Janick Auberger, Procopius in French Language Research, 1885–2005


III. Procopius and the Peoples of the North

5.   Ekaterina Nechaeva, Procopius in Russian

6.   Martin Hurbanič and Vratislav Zervan, A Slavic Excursus and a Little More: Procopius in Czech and Slovak Historiography and Archaeology

7.   Tamás Kovács, Procopius in Hungarian

8.   David Westberg, Research on Procopius of Caesarea in the Scandinavian Languages

9.   Dariusz Brodka, Procopius in Polish

10. Angel Nikolov, Bulgaria

11. Aleksander Jovanovic, Serbia

IV. Procopius in the Wider World

(a) Within Europe

12. Jan Willem Drijvers, Procopius in Dutch Research

13. Dana Iuliana Viezure, Work on Procopius in Romanian

14. Panagiotis Manafis, Procopius in Greek Scholarship

15. Juan Signes Codoñer, Procopius in Spain


(b) Beyond Europe

16. Koji Murata, Procopius in the Far East: Japanese Language Studies and Translations

17. Shih-Cong (Kyle) Fan Chiang, Procopian Studies in the Chinese-Speaking World

18. Lyvia Vasconcelos Baptista, Research on Procopius in Portuguese: the Case of Brazil

19. Turhan Kaçar, Procopius in Turkey

20. Touraj Daryaee, Persian

21. Geoffrey Greatrex, Procopius in Esperanto






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