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Histos Supplement 6


Emily Baragwanath and Edith Foster, edd., Clio and Thalia. Attic Comedy and Historiography (2017)



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Individual papers:


Ch. 1. Emily Baragwanath and Edith Foster, Introduction: Clio and Thalia, 1–30


Ch. 2. Donald Lateiner, Insults and Humiliations in Fifth-Century Historiography and Comedy, 31–66


Ch. 3. Mark C. Mash, Humour, Ethnography, and Embassy: Herodotus, Histories 3.17–25 and Aristophanes, Acharnians 61–133, 67–97


Ch. 4. Daniel P. Tompkins, The Death of Nicias: No Laughing Matter, 99–128


Ch. 5. Edith Foster, Aristophanes' Cleon and Post-Peloponnesian War Athenians: Denunciations in Thucydides, 129–52


Ch. 6. Rob Tordoff, Memory and the Rhetoric of Soteria in Aristophanes' Assembly Women, 153–210


Ch. 7. Christopher Baron, Comedy and History, Theory and Evidence in Duris of Samos, 211–39



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